What is the server IP?

Where can I find the Dynmap?
It’s linked in the Navigation menu in the corner of the site, alternatively, Click Here.

When did the server/world start??
June 1st, 2019.

What datapacks does the server have?
See the Datapack List page.

Will we be upgrading to 1.14?
Hopefully yes, but only once Spigot, CoreProtect, and Dynmap are all updated to 1.14, with no major bugs.

Is there a world border?
Not a hard one, however the pregenerated Biome Bundle terrain ends at 10,000 blocks out (for a 20,000x20,000 total area of custom generation) at which there is a solid sheer cliff where the terrain switches back to vanilla generation.

How does the custom generation affect the mechanics of biomes?
There are likely to be inaccuracies in spots between the visual theme/look of the biome, and the actual technical biome that the server thinks it is. For things like slimes spawning in swamps etc, the biome labelled in the F3 menu is the way to go.

What’s the seed?

Where’s the server located?

Will you add /tpa, /sethome etc

Are there any other changes from vanilla?
maxEntityCramming is set to 500, and fire spread (doFireTick) is disabled.

What level should we make our Nether tunnels/what level is the nether hub?

How do I get my base labelled/marked on the Dynmap?
Check the pinned first post in the #dynmap-markers channel on Discord.

How do I access the creative world?
Use the command “/world creative”, and use “/back” to return.